Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Master Level Clear Bra Paint Protection Installers

Today we fixed another failed attempt to install a paint protection kit. It did the job protecting the paint...  so good that they even covered the key hole on the driver's door.  A fireman doesn't always make a good mechanic, even though he works on an engine all day.  Likewise, your local bodyshop probably isn't the best place for paint protection, even though the paint all day.

Leave your car, truck, or RV to the master installers at Genesis Window Tinting.

Paint Protection with no lines

Bulk paint protection film installation is the only way to eliminate seeing the line, usually built up wax, on the edges of your ppf. 

Genesis Window Tinting offers custom installations and seamless hood installations backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty.  We are the only operation in the Elk Grove - Sacramento area to master this technique.  Our Rocklin - Roseville store also offers both CAD and custom installs.

resfeed test 1

test 1 for residential feed

commercial feed 1

test for commercial feed 1

test feed auto 2

test feed for auto 2

test feed to auto

test feed for autopage 1

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dot Matrix on Corvette.

The "Dot Matrix" is not the latest Keanu Reeves movie.  This is a common term in the window tinting industry to describe the ceramic border that surrounds many automotive stationary windows.  When this ceramic matrix is wide enough to cause adhesion issues or to create uneven air pockets additional preparation must take place to ensure film life as well as aesthetics.  Genesis Window Tinting guarantees our professional installation of Lifetime Warranty window tinting.

Car feed tesr


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Marine window tinting

Just in time for summer.  Lifetime warranty marine film application.  High quality, long term results.  This project uses a 5 % visible light transmittance film with an incredible glare reduction of 93%.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Genesis Window Tinting at Sacramento Home & Garden Show

Genesis Window Tinting attends the 29th Annual Sacramento Home and Garden Show.  This show we highlighted window film as an alternative to window replacement.  We specialize in decorative, solar and safety/security films for commercials buildings including restaurant, office, hospital and storefront.

Window tint for your business. Rebates Available.

Energy efficiency is big business these days; don’t let your money go out the window. It’s a proven fact that up to 50% heat comes in through your windows.  Vista window film will reduce heat, block glare and prevent fading.  Most commercial appliciations will realize payback in as little as 2 years.  Up to 84% heat reduction.