Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dramatic Glare and Heat Reduction

Unlike many energy conscious upgrades that homeowners choose to do, home window tinting offers a true day and night difference. I tell customers that it will be a dramatic difference that will be felt immediately after the residential window film is installed. As all ways we are interested in hearing about the cost savings that you achieve as well. Please use the "Contact Us" link and select the subject "comments" or "feedback" so we can post your story on our blog. Thanks for choosing Genesis Window Tinting for Best of Elk Grove 2015!


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  2. I really like the idea of dramatic glare and heat reduction which can block the sun's heat. Actually my house is full of windows and I have noticed that the sun gets through easily, which raises our energy bill. So it will be great to get the privacy we want and with the energy efficiency we need within our windows.
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